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FLYING TO                     YOUR PUPPY


Our puppies frequently travel home with their new families on long drives. We often hear back from our families on how well their puppy did on their trip home. Often your little puppy will be so excited to meet you that they tire themselves out and nap most of the way home!

We want to help ensure that your trip to pick up your puppy becomes the great experience we have planned it to be for you! Before arranging your trip there are several things you may need to consider. 

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it's all in the paperwork

Some airlines require USDA documentation/approval and also a document that states the puppy's date of birth and current vaccinations. In addition, most airlines require you to have your pet pre-authorized and cleared through them before they'll allow them to fly. Please confirm all information with your airline prior to your Puppy Pick-Up Day!

Your puppy will be vet checked and will have had all its necessary worming medications and vaccinations due up until they’re 8 weeks old. We will have a vaccination record for you that you can give to your vet at your puppy’s first appointment.


In light of our Health Guarantee, we recommend that our new puppy families set up a vet appointment with their vet in the first week, just for their vet to look everything over, and schedule the pup for their final vaccinations. Most vets like a 10 week and 14 week vaccination; many even do a 16 week vaccination.

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calming treats - 
    a puppy flight must

our go-to
puppy backpack



the canine carry-on

Choosing the right carrier for your new puppy is VERY important! Not only do you want your new furry family member to be secure and comfortable, but you also must ensure the carrier meets your airline's standards and rules. Please refer to your airline's website for up-to-date information regarding flying with a pet.

To figure out the right carrier size for your puppy, here is a little formula:  take your puppy’s projected full-grown weight from the puppy announcement and divide that number by 4.  That is an approximate weight of your puppy at 8 weeks of age.

For example, if your puppy’s projected weight is 8-20 pounds fully grown, take 8 and divide it by 4 = 2 pounds.  You can approximate that your puppy is in the 2-4 pounds weight range.


public places precautions

It is very easy for your puppy to contract a parasite on your way home. Puppies can get parasites simply from standing water, bird, animal, or insect feces, etc.

Please use great caution as you maneuver through public places during your travel. Avoid grassy areas or dirty pavements.  Also, be very wary of places that unvaccinated dogs may have been.

An easy solution could be to have a puppy pad with you. If your puppy needs a potty break, pop one in the back of your car, or lay it on a clean area of pavement and the puppy can safely relieve himself/herself on the puppy pad, keeping your furry family member safe and sound!

trust us - we know a good puppy pad when we see one

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we love these



flying and feedings: how to

If you are flying back home the next day after picking up your puppy, you will need to be really careful about limiting the amount of food your puppy eats before your trip.  If puppies have too much food in their tummies during travel, they can can become nauseous.  Very small breeds need to eat regularly to help regulate their blood sugar, but small quantities are better than too much.  


For water, you can give your puppy something to drink no more than two hours before the flight.  Give your puppy a chance to go potty before flying! If your flight time will be lengthy you could ask a flight attendant for an ice cube or two to offer your puppy mid-flight!  That should prevent any possible dehydration.

Your puppy should be able to "hold it" for about 4 hours.  So if your flight time is longer than that, you may want to have a little puppy pee pad in the carrier.  Then again, Dogs are den animals and do not like to soil their little den, they may decide to hold it for the whole flight if they can manage it!  


Sometimes plans change

If you choose to pick up your puppy and will need to make airline and/or hotel arrangements, please be sure to also purchase travel insurance. Your puppy's pick up date is subject to your pup passing his/her final vet check. Although it's extremely rare, sometimes your Puppy Pick-Up Day may need to be adjusted to the vet's recommendations. We will notify you ASAP if your Puppy Pick-Up Day changes so you can update your flight/hotel arrangements. We're not able to reimburse you for those costs, so we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance for your protection.

Please do your research before you book with an airline.  You’ll want to make sure that your puppy is allowed to travel at 8 weeks of age. Some airlines require 10 weeks of age for domestic travel. Typically, our puppies go home after they turn 8-12 weeks of age. Before you book your flights, please double-check that your puppy is old enough to fly! Secondly, some airlines require that the puppies are able to stand up naturally within their carrier.  

For airlines that do not require a puppy to stand up in the carrier, always double-check the weight restriction permitted in a carrier. For example, most airlines will permit a puppy to board that is 20 pounds or less, including the carrier.

if plans change just relax -
margs fix everything

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