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Miniature Australian Shepherds are a hardy and rustic breed — a little longer than tall. They have slightly rounded heads, medium-length muzzles and almond-shaped eyes. Their ears are triangular and set high, their chests are deep and their tails are straight. They have a medium-length, weather-resistant coat that’s slightly wavy, creating a little bit of a mane. Like their larger cousins, Miniature Australian Shepherds can be found in black, blue merle, red merle, solid-red or red with white and/or tan markings. Overall, Miniature Australian Shepherds have a rugged but cuddly look.

the look
  • Calm

  • Loyal

  • Playful

  • Trainable

  • Dependable

  • Protective

  • Intelligent

what are they
like to live with?
  • If you’re an apartment dweller who loves boisterous Australian Shepherds, take a look at Miniature Australian Shepherds, which deliver all of the Aussie’s easygoing, dependable playfulness in a much smaller package.

  • When it comes to their love of play, Miniature Australian Shepherds never really outgrow the puppy stage. They are superb with children—the more active, the better. But they have a gentle nature that prevents playtime from ever getting rough. They are also eager to work: Give them a job and they’ll finish it with loads of energy to spare.

  • Miniature Australian Shepherds have excellent guarding instincts and a strong sense of loyalty to their families. They will definitely cause a ruckus if anything suspicious happens around the house.

mature size

Toy Aussies - 14" & Below

Mini Aussies - 15"-17"

Standard Aussies - 18" & Up

life expectancy

The average lifespan of an Aussie is anywhere from 12-15 years. 

health & Nutrition

Mini Aussies, like other dogs, require a well-balanced and age-appropriate diet. It's ideal if you portion out each meal and don't let them eat all day. Remember to keep track of how many treats you give your dog—too many might lead to weight gain. The same goes for any human food crumbs you may accidentally feed your dog.

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