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Hud's Blue Bush is our first AKC/ASDR Male. He is a standard. Standing at 21". He's our NEW BEAST. With two beautiful blue eyes. We can't wait to see what he has in store for Hud's. He ABSOLUTELY LOVES THE WATER. He can't even seem to stay out of it, even in the freezing temps. I swear he's part polar bear.....



Gibbs is our Yellow guy that we are excited about! He stands at 15" weighs around 20-25 lbs. He is going to help us make some more YELLOW litters! It is a rare color, like the dilute. He is so HANDSOME and has BEAUTIFUL blue eyes! He is very calm and playful along with Hoss. We are excited to see what his future holds here at Hud's.



Bandit is the big man on the campus. He is really big boned and has all of that hair! He stands at 17.5" and weighs 50-55lbs which puts him at the top of the mini category! The presence our big-boned boy commands is evenly matched with his big personality!



Auddy has been with us from day one. He's the epitome of loyal. He's a hilarious pup with the sweetest of dispositions. And he will always have our hearts! He stands at 16.5" weighs around 25-30 lbs.

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