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Sugar is our full sister to Honey. Dual registered AKC/ASDR Black Bi Female. She's very small right now but has one BIG personality. We can't wait to see both of these girl's futures.



Honey is our new dual registered AKC/ASDR Red Bi Female. Her personality goes along great with her name because she's as sweet as honey. She is still growing so that is why I haven't put her height & weight yet. I will soon. We can't wait to see her future.



Gemma stands at 16" weighs around 35 lbs.
If Gemma were a human, she'd definitely be tom-boy! She's always rough-housing with the boys, sometimes we think she even picks on them just because she can! Gemma is our resident swimmer! She LOVES the water, and tries to get whoever will follow her lead to swim and splash with her!



Heidi stands at 16" weighs 30-35 lbs.
Heidi makes the world a better place. When she sees you coming, she literally smiles. Although you might think showing her teeth is a bad/scary thing, that couldn't be further from the truth! She's just happy to see you! Heidi is also a protector. She's fiercely loyal to her people, and won't hesitate to step between you and whatever she deems a threat!



Dolly stands at 17" weighs 20-25 lbs.
Dolly is the newest female of the Hud's herd! She's incredibly intelligent, so very sweet, and has the most unique coloring! She's very vocal, and has definitely found her voice! We're really glad Miss Dolly is apart of our fam!



Cricket stands at 18" weighs around 30-35 lbs.
Cricket girl is our goofy girl! She is full of spunk & energy. Always right beside you when you are out with the dogs. She is absolutely beautiful. Those eyes are breath-taking!



Annie stands at 17.5" weighs 35-40 lbs.
Annie is one of our duel registered dogs. AKC/ASDR.
She is the definition of a guard dog. She's our perimeter checker, stranger danger, let you know if you're not welcome girl! Like most Aussie's our Annie is fiercely loyal and protective of her owner! She's not one you wanna just walk up to, but once she know's your a friend not foe, her true loving colors really shine through!

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