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Hey y’all! Let’s start with a quick introduction, why don’t we? My name is Chyanna, and if you couldn’t guess, I am an Aussie lover, through and through. My husband, Newt and I live in southeastern Oklahoma, or as you’ll hear Newt’s grandpa so perfectly call it, “God’s Country.” Since we can't shake your hand, or hug your neck, this will have to do for now!

The story of Huds Aussies began almost by accident back in 2018. Since then we’ve been blessed to see it flourish and grow into an ever expanding opportunity to partner so many four-legged bundles of joy with their forever families. But before I get too far ahead of myself, let me take you back a ways.

 Thats me and 
the hubs!
the day we got married
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Hey Y'all!
we're so glad you're here!

A little over two decades ago, as an energetic and ever-busy blonde haired 5 year old I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, known as ALL. Now let me say, I promise this isn’t a sad tale of woe, or a poor pitiful me story. I am proud and humbled to be able to say today that I am a cancer survivor. My fight towards survivorship however did not come without a few lasting challenges. My battle against ALL took place at Saint Francis Children’s Hospital in Tulsa, or as I called it, “Pink Hospital” (the exterior was, and still is, painted a signature bright pink color.) As I was undergoing treatments, the chemotherapy drug, l-asparaginase, caused me to suffer a stroke. The stroke left me with severe scar tissue that has had a significant impact on the way I walk. But remember, this isn't where you feel sorry for me. Nope!

me + hunter
he was in the hospital room beside mine
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As I entered remission, and began to navigate my new normal, I grew up much like any other child my age, however I was determined to not let my challenges define me. I’m not saying there weren’t bad days, or days I wanted nothing more than to be “normal”, because there definitely were. One thing I’ve taught myself, and sometimes must continue to teach myself is life is all about perspective. If you have a positive outlook, face life’s obstacles with an attitude of grace and thankfulness, and instill in yourself that everyone is deserving of love, life doesn’t seem so bad most days. However, this perspective would come under fire around my fifteenth birthday. That’s when the seizures started. Sporadic at first, but then growing to be an almost monthly occurrence, these abrupt and startling incidents began to despoil my post high school plans. But with the help

of my amazing parents, Gary & Cindy, who have played and continue to play a HUGE role in Huds Aussies, I attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma and received my degree in Occupational Safety & Health.

After graduation, I ventured into my career field all the while still struggling to get control of my seizures. Holding down the typical 9 to 5 proved to be an added stresser, that only made the seizures worse and more frequent. I then had to make the decision to step back from the career field I’d just spent years working towards. Needing to make a little money as I weighed my future career options, and already owning both 

that  hat 

a male and female Aussie, the first litter of Huds Aussies was soon on the way. It wasn’t long after Sox & Auddy’s second or third litter, and countless hours of prayer, that I finally decided to stop fighting what I knew deep down was my calling and commit to being a breeder. That’s when Huds was officially born.

It has been the biggest learning process, and honestly still is. But with continued prayer, and lots of love to give these puppies, we have grown and continue to grow so beautifully and organically. I am beyond blessed with the overwhelming support of my family and friends, who are always more than willing to help at a moment's notice. I am thankful for the facility we’ve built to provide exceptional year-round care for all our pups. And of course, it can’t go without saying, I’m thankful for my sweet mamas and handsome daddy dogs. 


There are times when long days turn into late nights. There are times when those late nights turn into early mornings. But getting to watch a child’s face light up when you hand them the puppy they’ve always dreamed about, or when you catch the watery eyes of a couple as they meet their new family member, knowing that pup has some mighty big paws to fill, those are the moments that make it all worth it. Those are the moments when I know that pup will have the most amazing life after they leave. That’s one thing no one tells you about being a dog breeder. You remember every puppy, and even if it’s for just a moment, you will have days where you worry if you made the right choice when you paired them with a family. You hope they are happy, and loved. You hope they are getting too many treats and all the pets. You hope they are bringing their family as much joy as they brought you. You just hope. 

I’ve said all that, and if you’re still reading, bless you, to say this, thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for trusting Huds to provide you a new furry family member. Thank you for sharing our pics and liking our posts. But most importantly, thank you for making this small town Oklahoma girl’s dreams come true.

      me and my parents
+ brother
So much love
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