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pick-up & delivery
for your

new puppy

Although we always love when families can pick up their puppies, we certainly understand that there may be circumstances that make this especially challenging or even impossible for you.

For your convenience we are happy to provide our affordable Delivery Services. We have several options to help your puppy move to your home.

It is only very rarely that we are not able to fulfill a request for a delivery. Please be aware that it can be a little challenging to fulfill all our delivery requests on holidays and weekends.

If you do choose to utilize one of our Delivery Services, we want to help ensure that your experience with your new puppy is a great one! Before arranging your delivery there are several things you may need to consider.

We are thrilled to offer ground delivery to anywhere in the contiguous U.S. for our puppies. Of course, the quickest way for you to receive your puppy is for you to make the travel arrangements yourself to be at our facility for your scheduled Puppy Pick-Up Day. We know this just isn't possible for all families, so we are excited to offer our ground delivery options. 


Ground delivery is typically completed 1-10 days from your puppy’s scheduled Puppy Pick-Up Day depending on your location. Our Delivery Coordinator is working hard to coordinate several puppy deliveries into one trip with qualified and experienced Puppy Couriers, and this just takes time to do well. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated during the delivery planning process.


Rest assured that your puppy will be well cared for in the meantime and that we will work to deliver your puppy to you just as soon as we can. 

We also offer the option of meeting half-way, or at any point between you and our facility, to make the receipt of your puppy less time consuming for you and our Puppy Couriers, as well as offering you a more cost efficient delivery option.

ground delivery

If you live farther than 300 miles away from your puppy’s pick-up location, you can make your own travel arrangements to pick up your puppy, or you can utilize our Flight Nanny Service.


Our Flight Nannies will fly personally with your puppy in the passenger area of the plane to an airport near you giving your sweet puppy individual attention and excellent care. You then meet the Flight Nanny at the airport to receive your puppy directly.

flight nanny service


If you’ll be needing to utilize one of our delivery options or if there’s a possibility you’ll need to utilize one of our delivery options, please ensure you choose the delivery option when filling out your New Family Application. This will allow us to begin the planning process and ensure the timely delivery of your puppy!

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